About Us
Huizhou City ShangPin Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in July 2000, is located in Guangdong Province, Field Marshal Boluo an iron Shiwan Town Industrial Park, and Shek Pai, Dongguan Shilong and about seven kilometers away from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, about 68 kilometers. Is a professional engaged in R & D and production sets of headphones, foam and wire products. Headphone sets: sets of headphones sponge, cloth covers, leather covers, jacket, cotton microphone (microphone) sets; Foam Products: compressed cotton, toy cotton, cotton, cotton cartridges, packing cotton, cotton insulation, filter cotton, cotton fire; wire products: all kinds of PVC, TPE, PU, textile lines, aluminum wire, data sheets, power line manufacturers and other special products. Production of 1-300000 PCS / m, with a pressure machine (wire machine) 3 sets Foam machinery, sewing machine more than 60 units, 4 high-frequency, 40T double four-post Hydraulic Cutting Machine 2 .

Over the years, we have the spirit of "one step at a time" management philosophy, continuous efforts to innovate, honing a group of master batch production machinery and a variety of professional experts to ensure quality, efficiency, timely delivery, perfect service to meet business people at home and abroad visit the guide, work together to create a better tomorrow.

Thanks to many of the same industry, private, foreign-invested enterprises (authorized production, SONY, PHILPS, Panasonic, SANYO headset manufacturers, etc.) for many years of support and love so that our confidence and ambitious in the wave of intense competition - the service each business.
  Huizhou City ShangPin Industrial Co., Ltd.
TAX:0752-6618277 6618860 2031115 2031116 FAX:0752-6618377
Guangdong Province, China Shiwan iron Boluo Shuai an industrial park site
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